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What type of Site may I build?
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What type of site may I build?
You can create and launch websites from any provided website categories such as business, jeweler, medical, beauty, fashion, etc
What limitations do I have when building my website?
The website can be developed only from the templates provided in the You cannot use outside templates for creating your website. The developer should use the correct combination of colors and images in order to achieve the right feel for the website. You will have to logon to in order to modify your website whenever required
What make us different from other similar solutions?

The key difference is that you are given the option to download (unlimited) the website created. Along with this web hosting facility is also provided. The customer can either purchase domain from or can use own domain. Click here to see how is different from other similar solutions

What do I need to build a site?

You can build your site using any of the latest web browsers available. IE7 and above should be required in case you are using IE as your web browser. The template purchased will contain some pages which are provided by us and we have maintained a basic idea and contents in it. The user should perform appropriate modification in order to maintain the right feel.

How do I add contents to my site?
Once you login, you will get detailed information about adding content to your website using
Can I upload files to my site via FTP?
Presently this option is unavailable, but will be made available in the near future.
Can I edit my existing website?
You are given the option for editing websites created through and the edition can be done only to the websites created and residing inside
How can I migrate a site built with FrontPage or Dream weaver to your Sitebuilder?
You are not allowed to import any html pages from outside into
What browsers and operating Systems is my website compatible with? supports Windows and Linux OS’s using browsers of IE7 & above, firefox3 & above and Google chrome3 & above. Safari can be used along with window3. We suggest you to use firefox3 or Google chrome for better results
Can I create a site with multi-language content?
The multi-language option is presently unavailable.
Can I export(download) the content of my site?
You are allowed to export (download) the website as a whole in a form of a .zip file, but will not be allowed to export the contents partially. You only get one free download. Have to pay for further downloads. On the other hand, if you are hosting the website with us, you can update your site at unlimited number of times within an year.
How do I start creating my site?
First of all, you need to register with our website to obtain the username and password. After registration, you can login using the username and password.
How can I change my login name?
You are not allowed to change your login name (email address) once your account is created. You should carefully choose your login name before signing up (we suggest using any valid email address to avoid any future trouble). If, however, the change is important for you, please feel free to Contact us (if the issue is not related to, a nominal fee may apply for this change).
I have forgotten my password. How can I recover it?
You only allowed resetting your password. Click on the “Forgot password” link, enter your name and email id in the page you get and submit. A mail containing the link to reset your password will be sent to the email id, provided an account exists under this email id. Click on the link and you will be redirected to the reset password page and perform the necessary procedures to reset it
I can no longer access my website from my computer

This is caused either due to slow network connection or if the website is blocked by any anti virus software. Our system has intrusion detection and anti-virus protection which will block IP addresses attempting to upload or download .exe/.dll/.bat/.sys files. If you can no longer access your website, most probably you have tried to upload or view a file from one of the above types. The IP address block expiration is 2 days. If still have problems, Please Contact us.

I keep getting logged-out when editing my site
This may be due to disabled cookies. So the cookies must be enabled
How can I get a design for my website?
We offer reasonable number of templates that suitable for various solutions. So you can choose one you like and edit it according to your requirement.
What is buyout price ?
If you are using the Buyout, the Template will be reserved only for you. We will never sell this template to anyone after your purchase. So you can create your website with a unique design.
Can I create multiple sites with same Template?
Yes. You can create more than one site using the same template.
Can I get Support for CMS?
Yes. You can avail the facility of Content Management System to get accurate content for the Template.
I like a design, but it is under a different category. What should I do?
You can use any design for creating your website. For example; assume that you like a design under the category named beauty, but you need it for your small business website. Just pick the design you like, edit or replace the title, image, etc. and user it for your site. Any of the provided designs can be edited to meet your need. We categorized the websites to make your selection easy.
Can I purchase a template listed in
No. The templates used in are just the place holders provided for your convenience. This gives you an overview of your final website. Choose any given template, change the images, texts and other elements with your own information and your site will be ready.
Can I get a custom template / design for my website?
Yes. We offer various custom designs for a reasonable price. Click Here to provide your requirements.
Can I change the design selected?
No. But the flavor of the design can be changed if it is provided.
Can I create my page with multiple columns?
Yes. You can create your page with any number of columns using many of our drag and drop panels. You will get online help after signup.
Can I get additional support to build my website with custom contents?
Yes. We are providing a service to add content to your website as required and a nominal fee will be charged. Please feel free to contact us to avail this support.
Can I upload my own header images?
Yes. You can upload your own header images provided that the image formats are jpeg, gif or png
Can I display a video or movie in my page header?
Yes. You can display a video or movie in the page header using the video panel. You can add video formats such as swf, avi and flv.

Note: The bug concerned with Internet Explorer is that when placing an object over a video, it will not give the right view for which you've designed for

In general, you can place your video or movie anywhere in the site, provided there is no object is placing on top of it.
Can I display a banner or slideshow or an album in my site?
Yes. To include an image banner (including animated gif), use the image panel. For using a flash banner, album or slideshow, use the video panel.

If you want create a flash slide show, album or a banner with images, we suggest to use and the URL thus obtained can be applied to the video panel provided by

Can I host my website under my own domain?
Of course, you can host the website under your own domain. But the web space will only be provided by and a nominal price will be charged for it.

Note: If you already have a hosting place, you can always download your site and upload there.

How can I improve my website ranking in search engine results?

In order to improve the website ranking, SEO techniques must be used.

What are the benefits to the customer with our hosting service?
You get Free Web Hosting and unlimited web-space. Again, when publishing the website after any modification it automatically goes live (no hassle of downloading or FTP).
Now you get even more! For a limited time we are giving FREE Web Hosting.

Note: We provide hosting for those who build website using
What are the different kinds of hosting services provided by provided 3 different types of hosting.

  • Sub-domain hosting: This type of hosting is for those who doesn’t want a domain of their own. Best for promotional purpose or need a subsidiary website calling main website.
  • Hosting only: This hosting service is for users who already have their own domain. Just change the name servers into after getting the hosting service.

  • Hosting plus Domain: If the user needs a domain along with their hosting service, they can purchase it from
What does it cost to keep my site after one year with
As long as you keep your site with, you just pay nominal fee of $9.99/year.
How can I create a logo?

At present you can only create “text logo” using any of the fonts from the list provided. To include an image as a part of the logo, you should add that separately into the site using the image panel. Our Online Help will guide you to create text logo.

I have a logo, how can I resize it to the recommended size?
  • Place your logo using the image panel. To resize the Logo, select the block, keep the mouse pointer on top of the spots indicated as black and drag it accordingly.
  • The resizing will be limited within the area where it is placed.
  • The right feel will only be obtained if the size of the placed objects is proportional to each other.
My logo does not blend with the design background. Why?

The perfect blend will only be achieved if the object selected matches with the area where it is placed. Again use images .png format to get transparent background.

Do I need to add the logo and slogan on each page of my site?

Initially you need to add a floating panel to the banner area. If you need the same contents in the banner area to be displayed in the inner pages, make this floating panel as public with a custom name. The custom control created will be displayed in the custom area. You can easily use this in other pages by dragging it to required banner area. If you want to change the contents in the banner area of inner pages, make the corresponding inner page control private so that the change will be restricted to this page only. Otherwise, the change will be reflected in all the other pages containing this banner area.

Can I copy-paste any object?

Yes. You can. Please visit our tutorial to see how the copy-paste an object works.

How do I add Meta tags to my pages?

Click here to see how you can add Meta Tags to your web pages.