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    4. Create stunning picture albums in couple of simple clicks.
    5. Add Flash files and Flash headers of your own or from the free gallery and decorate by placing images and texts on it.
    6. Provide Google map to locate you or your business.
    7. Make Text Logos with online Text logo creator.
    8. Pre-coded contact form (spam-free guestbook) helps you to receive enquiry,comments or suggestions from the visitors of your site.
    9. Add Lists, Link-lists and Hyperlinks at any time.
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    11. Want a favicon added to your website? Just upload the favicon.ico icon.
    12. Enhance your site with Google AdSense.
  8. comes with FREE Content Management System (CMS), which helps the user to edit their site at any time they want from their account.
  9. Keyboard Navigation is an added advantage for users who doesn’t want to use mouse to perform different functions.
  10. Advanced templates are provided for those who want to use their own creativity.
  11. Supports most of the advanced browsers such as Internet Explorer 7.0 & up on windows, Netscape 7.1, Mozilla 1.4, Firefox 0.9 & up.
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  15. If hosting with, your live site will automatically get updated at every time you publish after any modifications. You don’t need to worry about any FTP or downloading in this case.
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